Appeals Procedure

Where a formal loan application has been declined by HBFI, the applicant will be promptly advised of the decision and the reason for the decision. In those circumstances it is open to the unsuccessful applicant to request a review of the process undertaken in arriving at that decision. For the avoidance of doubt the Appeals Procedure does not cover the actual credit decision, rather the process followed in reaching that decision.

Appeals Panel

The Appeal will be examined by an Appeals Panel which will consist of one member from the HBFI Executive Management Team (“EMT”) and one other HBFI official nominated by the HBFI EMT. The members of the Appeals Panel will not have been involved in the process leading to the decision to decline the loan which is the subject of the appeal.

If the Appeals Panel find that the correct process was not followed by HBFI, then the application will be reassessed in order to ensure that it is reviewed in line with the correct process.

To submit an Appeal you must complete the Appeal Form available here and email it to within 20 working days of the notification of the decision to decline the application.

HBFI will endeavour to respond to applicants within 20 working days of receipt of the Appeal (unless otherwise advised).

Appeals Review Officer

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Appeals Panel, it is possible to seek a review of the appeal to an external Appeals Review Officer within 20 business days from the date of the outcome of the original Appeal. The basis of the further appeal applies to establishing if the correct process was followed. To submit an External Appeal to the Appeals Review Officer you must complete the External Appeal Form available here and email it to