Services provided or to be provided to the public

HBFI will provide debt funding for commercially viable residential developments in the state in a prudent manner and on a commercial basis to corporate entities.

Details of the eligibility criteria for a HBFI loan and how to apply are available on the HBFI website

HBFI Customer Charter

This Customer Service Charter outlines HBFI’s commitment to service and describes the standards of service that you can expect to receive from us.

Our purpose and functions

HBFI seeks to make a material contribution in addressing the lack of development funding in Ireland. HBFI’s goal is to help increase the supply of new homes in the State through the provision of finance to commercially viable residential property developments. To this end HBFI provides funding (subject to certain criteria being met) to develop residential units including the acquisition of the site.

Our customers/final beneficiaries

HBFI’s customers are entities involved in the construction of residential units within the state.

Delivering for you

HBFI is committed to dealing with all loan enquires and/or applications in a clear and transparent manner.

HBFI will use clear, simple language in the design of our application forms and web site.

HBFI commits to respond to all queries from interested parties promptly, including any queries that may relate to eligibility criteria for HBFI funding,

Our Values


  • Acts with the utmost integrity, and treats people with impartiality, fairness and respect.
  • Aims to provide a quality customer service to everything we do.
  • Acts in accordance with our obligations pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts.

Feedback and Complaints

HBFI welcomes your feedback which we regularly evaluate to see how we can further improve the services we provide to businesses. Contact details can be found here.